Smart Fitness Wristband - by Epiktec


  • IP67 waterproof can be worn to swim. 
  • Sports and Health: sports tracking (Pedometer, distance, calories) sleep tracking (sleeping time, sleeping quality) set fitness goals movement pattern (Bicycle-riding mode, Running mode, Rope jumping, Sit-ups, Jumping Jacks GPS movement Trajectory, distance, Time, Pace, Calorie, Historical records, track sharing.
  • Alert & Notification function: call reminder (Android, iOS), contact name display; Facebook, Twitter, Line, SKYPE, WhatsApp (Android, iOS), content display; Sedentary; Anti-lost warning; Clock alarm; Task alert.
  • Smart buttons Find phone: Camera remote, Music Remote, Video remote.
  • light up watch screen by turning the wrist
  • Built-in 90mah Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, can be used about 10 days.
  • Compatible with Android 4.3 and above, IOS 7.0 and above, with Bluetooth 4.0 Phone.
  • APP Name: SmartWristBand.

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Heart rate mode: Able to enable the heart rate mode on mobile phone alone without the phone

Cycling mode: By starting the cycling mode, the wristband will react to and record your cycling time and consumed calories once you start cycling

Step measuring mode:all the steps in daily life will be recorded and summarized into a statement, including the number of steps, walked distance and consumed calories.

s2 smart bracelet 13   All-time continuous monitoring of heart rate

Once the heart rate mode of the wristband is started, it will send one data per second without connecting APP so that all-time heart rate monitoring could be achieved and the heart rate variation could be mastered at any moment.

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Four combinations of indoor sports mode
Multiple types of indoor sports modes: jumping jack, treadmill, rope skipping, sit-up. Even in the windy raining days, the gym exercise could help you record exercise data and fat consumed in sports

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*IP67 waterproof grade 
IP67 international waterproof and dustproof grade can not only keep the grain dust corrosive materials like cosmetics and sweat etc.in daily. You can even wash it with water and wear it in swimming.
NOTE : (depth not over 1m, time not over 30mins.
Independent cycling mode
Recording the cycling time and calorie
The wristband will response and record your cycling time and consumed calories upon cycling.Coordinated with the APP outdoor cycling function your cycling exercise track could also be recorded.

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All-time monitoring of sleep
Alarm clock vibrates to awaken
Tracking and analyzing your sleep quality in the whole process like the time to fall asleep, the deep sleep. 

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Sedentariness reminder

You need a good rest even if you are busy; Wrist Band will remind you to get up and take exercise. Don't sit all the time and you can set an alarm clock to remind yourself that it's time to have a rest.

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Item Specifics:

Display: 0.96 inch, 64*128
Acceleration: 3-axis G-sensor
Heart rate: Dynamic heart rate detection
Battery: 90ma Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery
Motor: Built-in, remind with vibration
Font: Full character display
Charge: 5V USB jack,charge by PC USB
Waterproof level: IP67, Swimming (depth not over 1m, time not over 30mins)
Using time: about 10 days
Data Sync: data synchronization to mobile app
Data storage: Storage 7 days' sports data
Compatibility: Support IOS 7.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above

*Charging Way: Put out the strap first and put the USB in a computer or other USB Charging device.

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