Newest Colorful Piston Earphones With Remote Mic



Select from 5 different colors

Hit the streets with beautiful turquoise, pink and lavender options or stay classic in black and white.


A whole new level of fidelity

Patented "sandwich" diaphragm provides a superior sound in the mid and bass ranges and sandwiching an aerospace-grade metal composite layer between two PET layers.
This preserves the outstanding treble responses of metal, while improving richness in the lower ranges thanks to the incredible flexibility of PET.


Spiral air-flow channels

To optimize mid-range and bass performance, we modified the classic transmission line enclosure design with 
a patented sound chamber that incorporates spiral air-flow channels and extended bass output sound holes.


Flat and fashionable

The flat cables aren't just fashionably forward, they are also incredibly resistant to knots and tangles.
Housed inside are strong,break-resistant kevlar fibers that help to protect wiring and extend their lifespan.


Improved 3rd gen balanced damping

Improves airflow to deliver proportioned outflows for the front and back chambers.
Combined with built-in damping material, In-Ear Earphones Basic produce vivid stereo effects and a transparent,well-balanced sound.



Usability is a top priority in our design process.In order to create an ergonomic design for maximum comfort,
we drew on a vast set of data and test designs with hundreds of actual users to find ideal dimensions.


Corrosion resistance and long-lasting wear

The anodized aluminum surface is anodized to protect against corrosion and wear,
while the main body is made of lightweight PC material that's robust and extremely durable.


Even easier to plug and play

By flattening a part of the Earphones jack,
we created a handle for your fingers which allows you to plug in the jack with minimal effort.

*Compatibility NOTE:
For Android Devices: Compatible with Most Android phones ( Not
For Android Devices: Compatible with Most Android phones ( Not All) ,support play,answer,volume control.
For i/OS Devices: Compatible with i/os phones ,support play,answer, not support volume control.

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