NEW Anti Gravity Nano Suction Phone Case



1.High Quality Imported New Nanometer Soft Silicon

2.Fashion Magical Antigravity Phone Case

3.It can be adsorbed on the smooth surface, easy to pick up (  glass, metal, ceramic tile, computer screen car navigation disc, furniture, etc.

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Q1: If the adhesive is not tight, Will it be fall?

A: Nothing to worry about, we have tested for six months, according to air adsorption principle, as long as the surface to be bonded is flat, there is no problem.

Q2: The Case bonding surface will not be dirty?

A: Of course, long-term use will make the surface have dust and dander, but as long as you use a little water to clean it , it will look like new.

*With a small amount of water, clean the surface of the case, squeezed out , can be reused after 3-5 minutes dry.

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